Xfce 4.10

    Today, after almost a year and a half of development, a new stable version of the Xfce environment has been released.


    A brief list of major changes:

    - Completely rewritten Application Finder, combining the functionality of xfce4-appfinder and xfrun4.
    - Now the main panel has a vertical mode. Also, applets can now be arranged in several rows.
    - The new editor of MIME types allows you to quickly change the default applications for certain types of files.
    - Added new mouse and touchpad settings.
    - Improved tablet support.
    - Now you can open applications and files on the desktop with one click.
    - Also on the desktop, thumbnails of images can be displayed and wallpapers automatically change according to a given list.
    - The window manager received tiling support and improved theme support.

    Xfce 4.10 tour (in English)

    Detailed changelog

    Online Documentation

    In 4.10, it was decided to move the documentation from local packages to the Internet.

    Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder)

    Application Finder is completely rewritten and contains the functionality of the old appfinder and xfrun4.

    Panel (xfce4-panel)

    Multiple rows

    In 4.10, the option to manage a series of elements in the panel is added.

    Deskbar Mode

    In this mode, the panel is located vertically, as in normal vertical mode, but the elements remain in a horizontal arrangement. This allows you to conveniently configure the panel for monitors with a wide screen.

    Session Manager (xfce4-session)

    A button appeared to erase information about the saved session (you no longer have to execute rm -r ~ / .config / sessions). Xfce4-tips has been removed and the session manager can now lock the screen before entering standby mode or hibernation.
    Also, it became possible to configure autorun applications - as it is implemented in GNOME or KDE. Non-Xfce programs are shown in italics.


    Now, xfsettingsd is responsible for the settings.
    Dialogs of settings are scattered in groups, search is added.

    MIME Type Editor

    Now you can set default programs for certain types of files. Note that the new editor does not allow you to add or remove known file types or change their icons.

    Mouse and touchpad

    A new configuration dialog allows you to change the basic settings of Synaptics and Wacom devices.

    Design Settings

    In 4.10, you can drag the archive with the theme or icons directly into the settings dialog. Xfce will try to extract the files and copy them to ~ / .themes or ~ / .icons.

    Desktop Manager (xfdesktop)

    Now you can open files and applications from the desktop with one click and view image thumbnails. Added automatic wallpaper change.

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