APRX client in the amateur radio APRS based on D-Link Dir-620

    Welcome all! Special thanks to those who asked me to cover this issue .
    I plan to make several articles on APRS , in which we consider:
    1) Installing stationary clients (and maybe even try to make our local server) based on Windows, Linux;
    2) Connection of a radio station;
    3) Installation of a mobile client.

    In today's article (pen test), we will consider installing a light client on a Dir-620 router ...
    So, what is APRS?

    APRS(Automatic Packet Reporting System) is a special version of packet radio communications whose protocol was registered in 1992 by Bob Bruning (WB4APR). Now it is used by more than 7000 hams in the world. Using this protocol, information about the location of an object or any of its measured physical parameters can be transmitted over long distances using technical devices. Using special software, information can be visualized and processed.

    A bit of information can be viewed on Wikipedia , in more detail you can read on the Russian-language forum .

    Consider the installation and simple configuration of the APRX gateway on the D-Link Dir-620 flashed in Keenetic.
    I won’t describe how to flash a router and how to assemble the necessary packages - this has already been covered on Habré more than once (you can look in my previous article ).

    To start the client, you need to edit the config for your data: My config: A more detailed config for all parameters is described on the author’s website . Launch: Watch stations conveniently on Google Maps APRS "alt =" image "/> In the future, there is a desire to fasten a usb sound card and a UHF radio station to the router and try to enter the network via radio. Thank you for your attention!
    #vi /etc/aprx.conf

    #задаем свой позывной
    mycall *******
    #задаем сервер
    login *******
    server rotate.ap**.n** 14580

    #задаем логирование
    pidfile /media/DISK_A1/system/var/run/aprx.pid
    rflog /media/DISK_A1/system/var/log/aprx/aprx-rf.log
    aprxlog /media/DISK_A1/system/var/log/aprx/aprx.log

    #задаем маяк с интервалом 20мин, который передает координаты станции и комментарий
    beaconmode aprsis
    cycle-size 20m
    beacon symbol "R&" lat "4925.57N" lon "03203.98E" comment "DE UR3CKR --- APRX on OPENWRT"

    #/usr/sbin/aprx -f /etc/aprx.conf

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