Speed ​​of success: LG sells 1 TV per second

    Welcome lovers of statistics!

    We have some breathtaking numbers. Namely: in the 4th quarter of 2011, we sold 8.8 million televisions. It turns out that this is more than one TV every second!

    Of particular interest to buyers was our LG CINEMA 3D TVs, which accounted for the most active sales and which brought the company a profit of $ 130 million.

    In 2012, Havis Kwon, the company's chief executive officer, set a clear and clear goal: “We must become the world's leading manufacturer of 3D TVs” We are

    pleased to announce that we are already halfway to the goal. In Korea, we are already the leading company on 3D TVs, and in the USA the share of our 3D products has tripled by the end of the year (and even a little more). LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV stormed Latin America: our televisions are sold in Mexico, Brazil and neighboring countries, to which we arrived at the end of last year.

    Journalists and critics working in major publishers give our products the highest scores and award numerous awards. User reviews also indicate that more than 90% of customers are very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to their friends.

    Judging by the first sales reports in 2012, CINEMA 3D technology is in great demand, which means we are not far from our goal.

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