Adobe will not charge royalties on games that have paid less than $ 50K

    Adobe has released Flash Player 11.2 and AIR 3.2. For Flash Player, an automatic update in the background a la Chrome for the first time appeared (during installation they will offer such an option). The new version implements many specific functions for game developers: hardware acceleration up to 60 FPS in 2D and 3D, relative cursor coordinates, events on the right and middle mouse buttons, mouse-lock, multi-threaded video decoding, etc. Read more about these innovations in the video .

    But there is some bad news. The license for Flash has changed, so now game developers must pay 9% of their revenue to Adobe if they use the features ApplicationDomain.domainMemoryandStage3D.request3DContextfor hardware acceleration. Deductions are made only if a particular game exceeded the amount of income of $ 50 thousand, and only from the amount by which there was an excess.

    The new conditions do not apply to applications developed on AIR. They come into force on August 1, 2012 and are also not valid for all applications written before this date. That is, Adobe acts quite humanely and does not want to interfere with those who have already started development and made plans based on the free Adobe Flash. Well, all developers of new games will already be aware of the new licensing policy, and will lay it in their business plan.

    By the way, Flash Player 11.2 will be the latest version of the program for the Linux platform. As previously announced , development for Linux is being scaled down, as for Android.

    Adobe justifies Flash monetizationvery high development costs. This is really a very expensive project, which has a lot of employees. The new version of Flash provides hardware acceleration for all drivers that have been released since 2008. How can a company invest serious resources in product development, provide it for free - and watch Zynga earn hundreds of millions of dollars on Flash games for Facebook. Of course, Adobe wants to make a profit.

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