Alternativa3D is now OpenSource

    imageAlternativaPlatform took a big step towards the Community yesterday. Now its main product - Alternativa3D has become OpenSource.
    Under the updated license, any organization or individual can freely use the technology for their own purposes. At the same time, logos and other references to AlternativaPlatform as the developer of Alternativa3D are no longer required to be placed in the projects created on the engine.

    Thanks to this step, a lot of problems of software developers using various OpenSource libraries together with the "Alternative" were removed, since many of them (GPL) licenses required putting all the source code in public.
    For example, when working with FLARToolkit, we were forced to develop under Away3D or Papervision3D.

    Now there is no such problem.
    Hurray, gentlemen, flashers!

    The original news .
    Link to the source on GitHub .

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