Promotion of the application in the AppStore

In this article I will try to describe the methods of promoting the application for iOS devices. There are many such methods, but I want to talk about their most important aspects.

The visual component of the application

The way your application looks very much affects its success and, accordingly, its sales.
When creating a design, you need to try to pay attention to detail. The interface should be beautiful and attractive, and at the same time as simple and understandable for the average user.
Special attention should be paid to the application icon, since the icon is what the buyer sees first. It should display the most important “feature” of the program. Suppose if your game has a “fruit theme”, you don’t need to display just a fruit on it, you need to show what you can do with this fruit in your game (the developers of Fruit Ninja did it very competently).

Promotion “by Apple”

If you come up with a unique idea with an original design, high-quality and beautiful design, then there is a big chance that Apple itself will want to promote your game. Therefore, before releasing the application in the AppStore, you should once again think about how your application is better than its analogues (if, of course, there are such) and whether this is enough to capture the worldconquer the vastness of the AppStore.

Website Reviews


You say why this is necessary?
At first I thought so too. In fact, it turned out that it was due to prerelease that your program would already be well-known, and if it was published, more people would begin to pump it, because they already know about it and are waiting for it.

Overview after the release of the program

If you come under the "gaze of Apple" (in the Featured or New & Noteworthy sections), then reviews will begin to write without your participation.
If this did not happen, then there are two ways: you can pay or not pay.

If there is no desire, or, more often, money for a review, then you need to try asking sites to write a review for free. This usually works if you have free promotional codes and your product is interesting and new.

If your program is at an average level (it is good, but there are similar analogues), then you should think about a paid review.

I want to pay special attention to how it is worth choosing sites that are worth paying.
First you need to find out the price lists of such sites, you never need to send money to the first site you get.
Always check how much you visit the site! To do this, there is a resource ( ) that allows you to see the number of unique website visitors per day (it makes no sense to look more, since the publication will not hang on the first page for a very long time) and its cost. Based on the data obtained, you can build a table of returns on money invested in the review.

Advertising A

lot has been said about advertising on Habré (especially about AdMob), but I want to add something:
If you decide to promote your application through advertising, you need to understand which audience will view it. Actually, AdMob’s biggest problem is this. Since his banners hang mostly in free programs, the audience that pumps them are people who do not want to pay money for software. You need to make an advertising campaign on those resources whose readers may be interested in your product (for example, if you created an iPad application, it’s more advisable to pay for advertising on a site that targets an iPad audience, for example, ).

Try to invest wisely. There are no universal strategies, you always need to choose the most suitable for you.

Thanks for attention!


At the request of the "workers", I post a list of sites to which it is worth sending a review of the application.


Russian segment: - 107388 unique visits per day - 43754 unique visits per day

English segment: - 143988 unique visits per day - 51566 unique visits per day - 1099 unique visits per day day


Russian segment: - 71634 unique visits per day, price - 5000 rub. - 26577 unique visits per day, price - 1500 rub (1000 rub with your own text).

Lists will be supplemented!

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