Drag and drop pictures from the browser to a folder on the disk

    The message from the area "found out and decided to share." Poking around in other people's pictures on other people's sites and picking up a collection for his own, I thought it would be great if the pictures from the browser could be dragged with the mouse to a folder on the disk.

    Like this ..., I took the picture from the browser and dragged it to my folder and ... lo and behold, it was dragged, I can say was taken aback and did not believe my luck, it is much faster than I could do it before. Maybe I'm the only one, and everyone else is aware of this, because it is so convenient, but still I think someone might not know. This seems to be a trifle, but extremely convenient when saving many different pictures.

    A small experiment showed that the feature works fine in the latest versions of Chrome, FF, Safari and does not work in Opera and IE. Windows 7 operating system. Some complex background or scripted pictures are copied as a link, but there are not many such pictures.

    Picture for the test (I photographed it during a walk):

    The Temple of the Nativity of Christ in Rozhdestveno 1758 (Mitino)

    original image

    UPD: partially works in IE (according to VenomBlood)

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