Windows Server 8 Beta

    In the evening of February 29, the beta version of Windows Server “8” became available for download. You can download it in the form of an ISO file (Datacenter Edition, weighs approximately 3.5 GB), or a ready-made VHD. The distribution kit is installed from the DVD in about 15 minutes. In addition, some WS8 content has already been posted . There is clearly something to see in the new server.

    There are many improvements and new features in almost every area: network support, remote access, VDI scripts, remote management of multiple servers, working with storage, security. But the biggest changes were virtualization and the new Hyper-V. I note only a few:
    • up to 160 logical processors per host;
    • up to 32 virtual processors per virtual machine;
    • up to 1 TB of RAM per virtual machine;
    • up to 64 nodes in a cluster;
    • built-in support for NIC Teaming (which, strictly speaking, refers to the server itself, and not just to Hyper-V);
    • Live storage migration;
    • Live Migration support on hosts outside the cluster;
    • Fiber Channel virtual adapters in virtual machines
    • Hyper-V replica for site / data center resiliency.

    This is an incomplete list of features, in addition, it is likely that some, for example, numerical, parameters will be changed by the time the final version of the product is released.

    A number of the listed features of Windows Server “8”, mainly in the context of building private clouds, will be discussed in more detail at the ITCamp event . It is also planned to broadcast reports on the Internet. There will be time - come in.

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