Arduino collaborates with Google and introduces certification

    Most arduinists in Russia most likely use the Chinese clones of the original Arduino. European prices do not look too mouth-watering and are not conducive to shopping. Nevertheless, Arduino itself is quite actively promoting its products in developed countries. The corporate blog is actively updated with new posts and two news seemed interesting to me.

    First, Arduino announced a collaboration with Google. Together, the firms produced the Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab.

    The kit consists of a box in which the MKR WiFi 1010 microcontroller and other related products are placed.

    The full list can be found on the TECH SPECS tab of the blog page .

    No pricing information yet. You can leave your address for notification.

    The second interesting news is the certification of the Arduino Certification Program (ACP). Post page . Those who wish will have to answer questions on theory and practice. There is no specific price information yet either.

    I think in the near future the company will talk in more detail about its new initiatives.

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    Do you use the original Arduino board?

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    • 65.6% No, only Chinese boards 164
    • 28% And then, and another 70

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