Philips released a TV with the ability to simultaneously display two different “pictures”

    Previously, Sony Corporation proposed technology to simultaneously view different programs by two viewers. This company, as far as one can judge, was the first to realize this opportunity in its devices. But it is clear that a good idea is quickly adopted by competitors. So, Philips has already released televisions with a similar function. Other companies are also launching dual-view TVs. True, few achieve success in the normal implementation of this function.

    It is worth noting that Philips has a rather significant advantage over Sony. So, this company produces televisions larger than Sony. If Sony has a diagonal size of the display of such "dual" TVs does not exceed 24 inches, then the range of Philips TVs already offers models with a diagonal of 32 to 55 inches. An 800 Hz refresh rate is also an advantage of Philips products.

    However, for normal viewing of the “double” picture, two different viewers will have to wear special glasses. But what to do - so far there are practically no models of such TVs, where both viewers can see a clear picture (each his own) without glasses. Development in this direction is underway, yes, and there are even prototypes, but there are no commercial products yet.

    Unfortunately, Philips representatives did not announce whether their TVs could be useful for gamers - so that everyone could see their own picture in full screen, without dividing it into two parts. As for Sony's SimulView, these TVs support this mode, but only work with compatible games, of which, of course. not so much yet. The cost of Philips products has not yet been announced, but soon all the necessary details will become known.


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