Apple sues Samsung rejected in Germany

    In general, the result is not unexpected, although desired by many. Dusseldorf's German court dismissed Apple’s lawsuit against South Korean Samsung. The essence of the lawsuit, probably, does not make sense to remind - as usual, this is the similarity of a tablet from samsung with a device from Apple. All this was considered for a long time, but the process came to its logical conclusion. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 N will be sold without any problems.

    Apple has been pushing for a ban on sales of this tablet (and some other Samsung models too) for quite some time both in Germany and throughout Europe. As for other models, including the Galaxy Tab 10.1, their fate has not yet been decided. But here is a modified model, Galaxy Tab 10.1 N will be sold in Europe. Perhaps this court order will set a precedent for other similar processes.

    The German court ruling states that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 N tablet does not violate any rights of Apple, but is a completely independent device.

    Despite the fact that the court ruling is favorable for Samsung, this company still lost a lot of time, and now it is unlikely that tablets from the South Korean giant will be able to compete on equal terms with Apple tablets in Europe. Nevertheless, these tablets will occupy some part of the market, and this will happen, we must think, very soon.

    via theverge

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