If there is no money left for marketing, or is there life in the death valley?

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    Life is too short to wait for the sea weather. This concerns startups more than anything else. The market is small, ideas roam in the air, who first got that and slippers, you need to start earlier, under the lying project the loot does not flow.

    And all this in one phrase, separated by commas. (in one word, with a small letter - it would be too pretentious, wouldn’t it?) Everyone remembers the

    text about investors and those who don’t remember - they can go re-read it, for transparency of the worldview ;-)

    I look and see the following picture:

    1. Marketing in startup projects is underestimated hellishly. Directly critical. Startups continue to believe that catching up with traffic will be enough. And by SMM. They ignore the fact that the same fb came out just on the marketing component, and not on the functional. Why they don’t understand the brand platform for the project, but at the same time do not understand what the brand platform is.

    (in fairness, a significant part of the already living companies also do not understand and are very surprised why the ceiling is so close)

    It usually turns out to be explained, but this is quite a lot of work for which there is usually no money. As well as on meaningful advertising. The three of us can really make software at home, the design is already worse, with the rest of them.

    2. The investor gave the first piece of money and forgot. He ALREADY received a share, which means he can, from his point of view, change the rules of the game. And it starts, I won’t give money until you do this, this, and that, and the fact that this is garbage in vegetable oil - so I know better what to do, I’ve earned some money, even if they were inherited from my wife.

    And time is running out, the project should have started to be advertised yesterday, it was even watched by the first couple of thousands of people who came from the hub and facebook, and somehow there was no time to argue, it's easier to bend. At this moment, the project is finally putting out the lights.

    3. And vice versa. If the project has marketing, then the investor’s interest in it is definitely fucked up. And the interest of the startup as an investor is also. A startup, in general, often forgets that he, stsuko, is also an investor. And these are individual interests and a profession.

    So, traffic, registrations and even the notorious manifesto are all cool, but for the investor it is hellishly important that the project looks terribly cool. Because it immediately lowers the risks. If everything goes well for you and you raise millions - coolness in itself will be, yes. And if not? And if not, it would be better if you looked awesome, but just not yet taken off. Then he will sing beautiful songs to some investor easier and merge with minimal loss. And generally speaking, his interest should be defended. Because this is a chance to get a new investor and new money, and, which is also cool - YOU ARE ALSO AN INVESTOR, right? Think for yourself.

    In short, the startup does not have money for marketing - this is just a great path to the valley of death. And it is realized very often there, inside.

    So here.

    A million rubles is not so much the amount, but in general, many are going to take away 51% from the poor startup, and demand to return it in half a year from the turnover. Leaving yourself a share, yes.

    This did not seem meaningful to us, and we found a financial partner who was ready to simply lend to our work. The nominal amount is up to a million, but generally speaking under certain conditions it can be 2 and 3 million, depending on the details.

    This, of course, is not a panacea, and, strictly speaking, these are pretty decent risks for the same startup. But for my taste this is a good solution in several situations at once, some of which I have already described above.

    I will stupidly quote a zhzshechka so as not to write it all over again from scratch:

    - 1. For startups.

    1.a To make a pilot project without money is quite realistic. 2-3 people at the same time and founders and performers, programmers, designers and all that. But then, when the project is formally launched, all you can do is tell all your friends about the project on Facebook, LiveJournal and VKontakte. And in general, everything. Then you need money, and money with a certain minimum threshold, otherwise you will not pick up frequencies (ask me what I mean if you do not understand) and the advertisement will not work.

    Now you can come to us and everything will work out.

    1.b Investor does not allow to live. This happens, I saw directly several cases when an investor, having received a seemingly share, forgets that he received it in exchange for obligations and begins to set additional requirements, saying that he will fulfill these obligations only when they are fulfilled, etc. . And the project is worth it. And time goes by. And this is blackmail, yes. And it’s not very clear how to fight without killing the project.

    Now you have a clear solution. You start the campaign as you need, and with the investor begin the process of returning his share, based on unfulfilled obligations. You have lost the subject of blackmail, you can cope without it. It may be in smaller volumes, albeit so, but in any case you have a chopping tool.

    2. Small business in a competitive surge situation.

    You have your own business, and you missed the market a bit. Sales got up, there is no money, and if not advertised, then everything will be worse and worse. Every day.

    No problem, come. A well-made advertising campaign will save you in most cases.

    3. Smeared budget.

    Basically, you have money for advertising. The problem is that you do not have the entire budget at once, your turnover allows you to pull it out a few weeks a little, and you need to advertise now.

    Well, you are our client, the solution that we organized will allow you to start before you accumulate the necessary amount. Right tomorrow, if that’s critical.

    4. Underfunding.

    We often encounter a situation where people really want to make a site with us, for example. But they are a little lacking. And they are forced to somehow curtail their desires, we are spinning with them with some kind of partial solutions.

    Now this is not necessarily so sad. You can simply get the missing amount and that’s all
    - In short, there is such a topic that giving back a share is not always a good decision, sometimes it is easier to get a loan, especially on the finish line.

    Why with us, and not take a loan at the bank ourselves? Generally speaking, I am not saying this. We’ll make a few visits, and if I’m really sure that our financiers give conditions better, easier and cheaper than going to the bank directly, I’ll say so. So far, this is not obvious to me myself. But, nevertheless, I believe that we have made a good decision that will be useful to many. And it will be useless and even harmful to someone - I understand this very well too.

    So it goes.

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