Four wheels - good, two - better

    Electric scooter, hoverboard, electro skate is all modern mobile transport. It is convenient to use them in the city to drive to work or ride on the weekend. For a comfortable ride requires warm weather, no rain and the presence of the road surface. The rest of the mini-transport is ideal: economical, fast and does not pollute the environment (if you do not forget about the proper disposal of lithium batteries). We have experienced several types and models of mobile transport - we present a selection of popular models of the season.

    Ninebot Kickscooter ES2

    High-speed electric scooter, which accelerates to 25 km / h. The battery capacity is 7878 mAh, which is enough for 25 kilometers. In a big city on Kickscooter ES2, it’s convenient to get from the house to the metro and from the metro to work or school.

    In public transport it is better to transport a scooter in folded form. In addition, it is easily placed in the trunk of the car, which contributes to the successful design. The folded scooter does not stick out anything extra, except the handles - they do not fold. Therefore, they need to be monitored when you make your way past other passengers.

    The design of the Kickscooter ES2 is minimalistic and even a bit cosmic. Distinctive detail: a comfortable deck with a silicone coating, like the first version of the scooter. On such feet do not slip, and in any weather. The scooter is suitable for adult riders weighing no more than 100 kilograms and growing from 120 to 200 centimeters.

    The diameter of the front wheel is 8 inches (20.3 cm), rear - 7.5 inches (19.1 cm). Solid tires, made of durable rubber, so they do not need any maintenance. On the other hand, it affects the smoothness of the course - it is higher in scooters with inflatable tires. To compensate for shocks and jumps on uneven surfaces like tiles, a suspension is provided for both wheels. Another plus is that in the scooter there is a cruise control, which turns on after 5 seconds of gas clamping, it is turned off by double pressing the gas or the brake. If cruise control is not needed, the function can be disabled in the application. The scooter has 3 speeds, which are denoted by the letter “S”: economy mode (without “S”), standard (white “S”) and sports (red “S”).

    Movement can be monitored using the LED display. It displays travel information and charge level. Knowing him, getting stuck somewhere in the middle will not work.

    The electric scooter has headlights that illuminate the road and increase visibility at night. For the same purpose, there is a bright LED backlight on the back of the deck. It flickers beautifully in the dark, and is configured via the Segway-Ninebot app.

    To use all the features of the scooter, you need to download a proprietary application (available for iOS and Android platforms). Information exchange with the scooter is via Bluetooth. Developers regularly release firmware updates.

    Xiaomi MiJia Smart Electric Scooter

    This is a compact scooter with a powerful engine, the range is 30 kilometers, the maximum speed is 25 km / h. To manage, you need to install on your smartphone application Mi Home or Ninebot APP. Electric folding and without problems placed in the trunk of a car. Weight - 12.5 kg.

    The frame of the model is made of high strength aluminum and can withstand loads up to 100 kg. The diameter of the wheels is 21.6 centimeters, they provide good permeability on asphalt, earth and grass. The scooter easily overcomes minor irregularities and curbs, but you can't jump over the wall, of course.

    The handlebars are rubberized and non-slip. There is a bell on the left on the steering wheel and a knob for adjusting the speed on the right. On the panel there is a power button and 4 indicators that show the battery charge level. A fully depleted battery charges in 3.5‒5 hours.

    To start the engine, you need to push off and press the gas. Two brakes, recuperative on the front wheel. In addition, the scooter is implemented anti-lock system, like a car. Thanks to it, the braking is soft, and the control over the scooter remains even in the case of an emergency stop. Braking distance - 4 meters.

    Razor a5 air

    To begin with, this scooter is ordinary, not electric. He has large inflatable wheels, thanks to which he rides without problems over rough terrain.

    On A5 Air, you can ride on the dirt road, tile, park paths, move fallen branches and protruding tree roots. The scooter has a low ground clearance of 3.5 centimeters, which you need to get used to in order not to touch the bottom of too large obstacles.

    The wheels are rubber and easily inflated with a pump. The diameter of each wheel is 8 inches (20 centimeters), the pressure is up to 4 atmospheres.

    The scooter is suitable for adults and children aged 8 years. Rider height should be from 100 to 200 centimeters, weight - up to 100 kg. By the way, the mass of the scooter is only 5 kg, it can be worn even by a child.

    Like the rest of the scooters in the collection, Razor A5 Air is folded. If necessary, it can be folded and placed in the trunk of a car or just carried in their hands.

    Razor Power Core E90

    The Razor Power Core E90 is a kids scooter that can ride 90 minutes on a single charge. The capacity of the battery, which ensures such a long work - 7 Ah. It charges 6 hours.

    The scooter has a sturdy steel frame and fork, but the scooter weighs only 9.9 kilograms. The motor is built directly into the wheel and does not require maintenance and passing MOT. Razor took care of how to save parents from constant headaches.

    The electric scooter is almost silent. The only sound he can make is the sound of friction on the road. But to accelerate too much on it will not work, the ceiling speed is 16 km / h. The brake is manual, and for starting it is enough to push off with the foot.

    Practical, “long-range” and lightweight model designed mainly for children. The maximum recommended load is 55 kilograms. Adults can also try to ride a scooter, but there is another hard limitation: the height of the steering wheel from the deck is only 71 centimeters. So if you are higher than Tom Cruise, riding the E90 will be very difficult.

    Electric shoes for shoes Razor Turbo Jetts

    Those who find the electric scooter too cumbersome will surely appreciate the Razor Turbo Jetts electric shoes. They are small, put on shoes and allow you to accelerate to 16 km / h. You do not need to push off, the videos are driving you yourself. Battery device lasts half an hour of continuous driving. Batteries are charged for 3 hours.

    The 80-watt electric motor is built into only one video. In the second, there are only two wheels and a mount. The wheels are not located along the foot, and across, which is why it is more difficult to fall from electric rollers than from normal ones. The Razor Turbo Jetts has a load limit of up to 80 kilograms.

    On shoes, the rollers are fixed with velcro. The minimum size is the 29th, the maximum is the 46th. It is noteworthy that they do not close the entire foot, but only the heel, so you need to go on them on the heel. This is not a bug, but a feature: in the case when you need to climb the stairs or run across an obstacle, just drop the sock and go to step. Shoot videos do not have to, they do not interfere with walking.

    Electric Razor Cruiser

    A selection would be incomplete without an electric skateboard - “boards” for the lazy, for which you don’t need to push off at all. We chose a lightweight and compact Razor Cruiser. The maximum speed is up to 16 km / h, the battery provides a trip duration of up to 40 minutes.

    Razor Cruiser is designed for teens over 9 years old and adults. It weighs 4.8 kg, which is not enough for the electric cabinet. The length of the deck - 75 centimeters, this is a five-layer maple board. The maximum load, which is designed for skateboard, reaches 100 kg.

    The wheels are made of polyurethane, ride on the Razor Cruiser will only on a flat surface. To control the device provides a remote control.

    "Cruiser" justifies its name in the sense that it is designed for quiet, solid trips. You can jump on it, but rather not. It is better to use it to get to work or school with chic. And electroscate is great to walk a dog. But only in the case when your pet is not aggressive, well educated and does not dream of a career as a riding dog.

    Giroskuter Hoverbot FixiBord

    The last for today is a children's hoverboard. It is intended for the brave young riders aged 5 to 11 years. Accelerates to 10 kilometers per hour, on one charge can travel up to 10 kilometers. Bluetooth speakers are provided for listening to music on the way, which is almost mandatory for girokuter.

    As the name implies, the particular FixiBord model is designed for little Fixico fans. This is reflected in the design of a hoverboard, decorated with the symbols of a popular cartoon. Fixiboard is green, blue, yellow or red. The kit includes a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and gloves of the same shade. Maximum load - up to 60 kilograms.

    Hoverback very easy to run. We need to stand on him, lean forward slightly and that's it - he will go. Turns and braking are also carried out by transferring body weight. Actually, any hoverboard is controlled in the same way. Fixboard should be considered as something like a children's bike. A child will learn to ride it - and an “adult” hoverboard will easily master after a while.

    Mobile transport in a serious way claims to be the main means of transportation in the city. But this will not happen before people realize that you can not only “ride”, but also “ride” on the same electric scooter. And in the bakery, and more serious cases. We remind you that all models from the collection can be purchased at the online store Madrobots.

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