Install Cyanogenmod 7 on HTC Wildfire

Now we will talk about installing Cyanogenmod 7.1 on HTC Wildfire.
It pushed me to this irresistible interest and desire to get more from Valdfair.
- Yes, I did.

I will make a reservation right away, I will not do a review on Cyanogen. There are already finished bikes: one , two . I also want to disappoint those who think after reflashing they will receive a “multimedia superphone”. This is not true. The illustration is attached: image

No matter how there is a certain increase in speed, you will still have it. Applications will start to launch a little faster. But the main plus, in my opinion, is the support for live wallpaper. They are worth it.

Detailed process with pictures under the cut.

To get started, let's look at the key points:
-What we need?
- Actually a phone, a computer with Internet access, a USB cord, a little patience.

-What will happen if the phone becomes a vegetable?
- We do backups, right?

-I have never dealt with electronics, I'm scared!
- The wolf is afraid not to go to the forest.

Are there alternatives to Cyanogen?
-Yes, her name is MIUI. True, I'm not sure about compatibility.

-How long does the process take?
- I have 40 minutes.

-All those terms seem incomprehensible!
- A little patience, soon I will explain everything in detail.

- What are the stages of the process?
Instal CWM Recovery
Wipe data / factory
Wipe cache partition
Mounts and Storage - format system
Install Cyanogenmod
Install Gapps
Reboot finish.

-I completely decided, let's get started!
- From the amigo screw.

Now let's get into the details:
1. S-ON / S-OFF is a special protection peculiar only to HTC phones. Upon receipt of S-ON, you lose your warranty. Theoretically, it can be returned.
First of all, remove HTC Syns, this is mandatory. Then we go to the Revolutionary website , download the archive for your OS. Unzip, do not use Russian characters, it will be bad. I made it to the desktop.
Oh yes, I completely forgot, I have HBOOT but after receiving S-OFF it will become HBOOT-6.01.1002

Now we need to install the drivers, they will be attached below, at the end of the article. Installed? Move on.
Run revolutionary, wait for the launch. Now you can see the serial number of your phone. It is written in square brackets, do not mix!
Start filling out the form on the website, enter the phone model (Valdvayr, eslichlo) version of HBOOT. Enter the serial number of the phone; CHECK CORRECTLY. Click OK.
Copy the resulting code to the program window. Be careful.
After finishing work, you will be offered to install CWM Recovery, agree, this is the easiest way to install it.
S-ON / S-OFF sorted out. We go further.
2. ROOT-superuser, that’s it. To obtain such rights, we throw this archive on the card . And install it.
ROOT received! Congratulations on your 100% loss of warranty.

3. Backup - this term means backing up the system. In the case of Epic Fail, we can get everything back in place. This will help you visual aid, questions should not be.

4. Moving on.
Wipe data / factory- formatting the internal partition. DO NOT stop in the process after the wipe date / factor, the phone can play a brick.

5. Wipe cache partition cache formatting.

6. Mounts and Storage - format system formatting the system partition.

7. Finally installing Cyanogenmod!

Happiness is full of pants! But do not rush to download the phone, be patient, just a little bit is left - installing Gapps.
8. Gapps-branded Google applications: You Tube, Gmail, Books, Goggles, Google Tlak, Search, etc.

Finally, you can safely press Reboot!

In the end:

I’ll be happy to answer all questions in the comments.
Files to download:
Cyanogenmod 7.1.01 Stable Release
Revolutionary (depending on the OS)
PS A lot of arrows, right?

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