Re: My view on icon design

    Rereading the Ikoskosaz blog and referring to the first three authors , I thought that the world was moving toward simplification and everyone was competing in simplicity. Moving away from the Apple and tiled styles, in which there is nothing wrong :), I drew attention to the notebook and in 8.5 minutes I drew, no, presented the world with another unsurpassed collection. This time I decided to abandon the colors, because what are the colors in the notebook? Fans of minimalism can immediately reduce the amount received by 50%, and if they don’t know, let them write letters, I will tell them how to do it.

    I am pleased to listen to criticism, answer questions and finish the other letters you need.

    (Please bring letters with you, or some have already ended, let respected representatives of those companies that did not get them be offended. Companies have not yet been invented for some letters.)

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