BitTorrent Launches Its File Sharing Service

    The company developing the well-known µTorrent BitTorrent client on Thursday launched its cloud service Share, which allows file sharing according to a well-known principle: the user selects a file on his computer, then the recipient and shares a link with him.

    Unlike DropBox and other paid services, Share is absolutely free and has no restrictions on file size; also no subscription required. Of course, file sharing is done using P2P, and the Amazon S3 cloud service is used as the actual storage. It is curious that in this way the user does not need to “stay on hand” - Amazon will play this role; moreover, when the files are successfully downloaded by all recipients, they will be deleted from the cloud - this ensures anonymity.

    A number of social functions are also provided for the service: in addition to the obvious choice of those to whom the file is intended, users can comment on the “distribution”, sharing their opinions on its usefulness.

    At the moment, the client application of the service is in alpha version and is available only for Windows.

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