Mugeda, HTML5 animation

    Hi% username%!
    I want to share a wonderful service for creating animations on the HTML5 platform called Mugeda . I’ll make a reservation right away, the service is not mine, but I couldn’t pass by and especially not talk about it.

    Perhaps something similar already exists, but at least this project deserves your attention.

    The first thing that catches your eye is the editor himself. Why not Flash, you say, and you’ll be right. But in fact, why invent something new when there is an old proven way to create animations?

    Sooner or later, such an instrument should have appeared. Of course, there are not many opportunities at the moment, but for a simple animation it’s quite suitable. Create the same banner is not difficult.

    The following are available from tools and primitives:

    I think it is not necessary to voice. It is very pleasing that you can upload a picture and sound effect. It is possible to create layers, add cameras, use hot keys (see pdf here ).

    Well, the most important thing in my opinion is the export of animation. This process is very simple and fast. The service itself will compress and pack everything, and you will only need to save the archive to your computer. The archive contains a separate file with your animation, their library for playback (mugeda_player _ *. Js), an html file for preview and all media files that are used (pictures, sounds, etc.). After that, you can insert your video or banner wherever you want.

    The only comment is the size of the scripts. The library for playing mugeda_player_0.1.0.js weighs 184 Kb. The weight of the animation file depends on the complexity of the animation. Perhaps in the future weight will be reduced.

    I am very glad that there is no need to download third-party software for work. All data is stored in the service cloud and you can start creating at any time. Also, you can easily share your work with friends or visitors to the site simply by posting your animation.

    And finally, there are not many links to training videos:

    Happy holidays and thank you for your attention!

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