DriverPack Solution 12


    For those who do not know what it is and why:

    DriverPack Solution is not a simple driver installer.
    The functions of computer diagnostics and creating backups of drivers make it indispensable for any system administrator! Quickly determine your pieces of iron by ID and install from your pack or download from an Internet.

    Function: “Backup drivers”

    Backup from Windows
    Create a backup copy of the drivers that are already installed on your system, this will minimize the risks of updating or reinstalling Windows.

    Backup from DriverPack Solution
    You can create a driver package specifically for the configuration of this computer and save it! It will be useful, for example, if native disks are lost or they are already outdated.


    Function: “Computer Diagnostics”

    Using DriverPack Solution 12, it is easy to assess the status of all key performance indicators of your PC!


    Diagnostics: “Processor”
    In the event of prolonged overheating, the computer may fail, so controlling the temperature of the processor is very important. DriverPack Solution will notify you of overheating of the processor as soon as it detects it, and tell you how to fix it.
    DriverPack Solution 12 learned to “communicate” with second-generation processors (Intel i3, i5, i7)

    Diagnostics: “Hard disk”

    All possible problems with the hard disk are tracked automatically. For example, if the hard drive has already begun to crumble, then DriverPack Solution will notify you of this. It works on SMART technology.

    In addition, you will see a warning about the lack of free space, if it is already coming to an end. And right from the DriverPack Solution window, you can start the process of defragmenting and cleaning the system.

    "Anti-virus control"

    Often there are computers whose failures occur due to two antiviruses installed simultaneously. DriverPack Solution will quickly identify such a problem and suggest removing one of them. Also, if the antivirus is outdated, turned off or not installed at all, then you will be the first to know about it!

    For antivirus prevention, we recommend that you check with a “portable” version of antivirus that does not require installation. To do this, click on the "Check" button in the driverPack Solution !

    Diagnostics: “RAM test”

    Blue screen, sudden reboots, system crashes ... The reason for all this may be a RAM failure. DriverPack Solution allows you to "run" the RAM in test mode and test it.

    Function: “Complaint about the driver”

    99% of the problems that may arise when working with DriverPack Solution are caused by the presence of driver curves in its database. Now we have launched the function to collect complaints from experts!

    What's New in DriverPack Solution 12?

    • Updated driver database!
    • New, nice design of the left panel!
    • Added function "Backup drivers"!
    • "Backup drivers from Windows"!
    • "Backup drivers from DriverPack Solution"!
    • Added function: “Computer Diagnostics”!
    • New system for determining the name of a computer or motherboard!
    • Determining the BIOS version!
    • Testing RAM for crashes.
    • Tracking the health of the hard drive, free space on it and the possibility of defragmentation!
    • Updated antivirus control: monitoring the activity of the antivirus and the relevance of its databases. And also the function of checking for viruses with the "portable" version of the antivirus!

    + to all you get an automatic installation of the necessary software. (antivirus, archiver, codecs, etc.)

    P.S. I constantly use this product in my work, I haven’t found anything better for myself yet. In the latest version, hangs were noticed, the tests at boot were to blame. There are problems with the drivers on the video. But still I advise everyone to at least try.

    P.P.S. This version weighs less than the previous one due to the use of another firewood pack, with greater stability. The 12th version is available to VIP users or those who are not too lazy to climb on the rutracker :)

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