Mail.Ru Group continues the AOL era?

    Another “improvement” of the protocol is supposedly in favor of users, namely the replacement of numbers in the incoming message with question marks.

    This is the fight against spam. And indeed messages of the form
    Hello !!! add to our chyatig 4124122!
    ... began to arrive without a number, but only in the first hours. Spammers aren’t stupid bots and messages that have learned about the new "trick" now go like this
    Hello !!! get into our chyatig four one ...!

    What is the result? A simple user can not tell someone his phone number / date of birth / address - add everything where there are from 6 (two as it is now, but they say it's a bug?) Digits.

    I am also not indifferent as my bot has become, to put it mildly, not working - almost all teams are numbers and even if they remove their bug which will send up to 6 digits - this is not an option.

    Mail.Ru - spam cannot be defeated so, what kind of nonsense?

    UPD: This cannot be a bug: If the message contains one digit, it passes. If contact in KL comes from him everything is fine, otherwise - questions.

    Could this be a bug? This is clearly on purpose, the question is whether it is a fight against spam.

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