IndexTank search engine transferred to open source

    In October 2011, LinkedIn, a professional social network, acquired IndexTank , a search engine technology company . Obviously, a team of professionals was first acquired under the leadership of a renowned specialist, Diego Basch, who is also the founder and CEO of IndexTank, and in the past, one of the leading developers of Inktomi. As sometimes happens in such cases, they decided to transfer the past products of the company to open source. Diego Bash announced that the source code for the IndexTank software is published under a free Apache 2.0 license and posted on github.

    indextank-engine :
    indextank-service indexer : API, BackOffice, Storefront, and Nebulizer index management framework

    The IndexTank search engine is used on many large sites, including Reddit, Wordpress (a Wordpress plugin ) and BitTorrent. It provides real-time indexing of content, search based on geolocation, etc.

    The programming interfaces allow developers to embed IndexTank search in their applications in Ruby, Java, .NET, Python, PHP, etc. API documentation here .

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