Single-pixel contact lens tested on a person

    Not so long ago there was news about the creation of a contact lens with an integrated LED display, so far with a resolution of 1 pixel. The prototype was tested on rabbits. The American Ben Krasnow did not wait until human trials began, and assembled his own lens with an LED. And not just collected, but experienced on himself. Honestly, the result looks creepy: something made "on the knee", from wire and tape - and to a living person in the eye. In a word, real cyberpunk!

    The device consists of a wire coil and an SMD LED (size 0402), which are fused between two ordinary soft contact lenses. Food is carried out inductively from the second coil, which is located in front of the eye in the manner of a monocle. A simple pulse generator based on an electromagnetic relay was used as a signal source.

    The display does not contain any additional focusing elements, so the LED should be visible only as a blurry spot in the field of view. So Ben will not be able to make indicators with a resolution of more than one pixel before he can master the manufacture of suitable Fresnel lenses.

    According to the inventor, the lens does not cause much discomfort when worn, but due to its weight it constantly slides down. For the video demonstration, the LED was fixed with the radiating side outward, so that instead of the display we got the “Terminator eye”.


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