Yahoo refuses shares in Asian companies

    Yahoo again decided to resort to reductions, this time - not among staff, but among its foreign assets. The management of the corporation decided to sell its assets in Asian companies, including the Alibaba Group and even Yahoo Japan. The latter company, despite the name, is almost completely autonomous, and has been working independently for a long time. Currently, Yahoo owns 50% of the Alibaba Group and 35% in Yahoo Japan.

    The sale of foreign assets is designed to replenish the budget of the company, which continues to experience both financial and administrative difficulties. According to experts, if you sell all of these assets, then Yahoo can get an additional 17 to 18 billion dollars, which is enough to start work on any new projects and ideas.

    In addition, the sale of Asian assets will allow both the management and staff of the company to work exclusively with American and European assets, thereby avoiding all sorts of administrative difficulties. Both developers and management will be able to work on a limited number of projects without spraying on everything else. It is possible that this will help the company get on its feet.

    Today, the final decision on the sale of assets in Asian companies will be made by the board of directors of the corporation. Interestingly, against the backdrop of all these rumors, Yahoo stocks have already risen in price by 6% in just one day, and continue to grow. And yes, Yahoo still has about 113 million monthly visitors, making the company's services one of the most popular and most visited in the world.

    Via NYT

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