We again distribute licenses for Radmin

    Colleagues, as part of Qt testing and testing new technologies, we conduct beta testing of Advanced IP Scanner 2.2. This free network utility is designed to help the system administrator and the average user to keep all network devices under control, allowing you to collect information about computers on the network and find their various resources, such as shared folders, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. Under the cut - a list of changes compared to the previous version and a link to the testing page. For comments, advice and use cases, we traditionally thank the users of the license for Radmin.

    The new version of Advanced IP Scanner has the following changes:
    • Added the ability to automatically check for a new version of the program.
    • Improved user interface.
    • A column “Manufacturer” has been added to the table of output of scan results, which contains information about the manufacturers of network cards of found computers.
    • Added the ability to print scan results with the ability to preview the document before printing.

    To take part in beta testing, you need:

    1. Download Advanced IP Scanner 2.2.209 beta.
    2. Get to know the product.
    3. Check its compatibility with your OS.
    4. Send us a bug report and / or suggestions for improvement through a special form on the testing page

    Each beta tester will receive a perpetual license for Radmin 3 .
    Read more about Advanced IP Scanner  here .
    Thank you in advance for your participation. Questions to developers and comments are welcome!

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