Windows Phone evening school returns in a new format

    We want everyone to learn how to develop for Windows Phone to be able to do this. To do this, we develop courses, conduct seminars and events, invented and implemented the "Windows Phone Evening School".

    The school consists of three levels:
    1. The first level does not imply any knowledge of Windows Phone.
    2. The second level assumes that you either completed the first level or have basic knowledge and development skills for Windows Phone.
    3. The third level assumes that you have either completed the second level, or already know how to work with the basic capabilities of the platform and you need to study the features of using individual technologies.

    Each level consists of 3 online seminars and 1 optional offline seminar. Everyone who listens to the full level will receive from us (in electronic form) a diploma on passing the level of the School.

    We have taken into account your requests. Each of the 3 online classes takes place twice a day. In the morning - 10:00 - 11:00 MSK and in the evening - 17:00 - 18:00 MSK. Why do we continue to call the school "evening"? 10:00 MSK is 17:00 in Vladivostok and now the eastern part of our country will be able to join the school at a convenient time.

    You can register for school classes at the following link:
    Register for “Windows Phone Evening School”

    I will conduct classes at the school, stasus, or if it is otherwise, then Stas Pavlov .

    If you want to study on your own or to prepare for school, you can start with the first part of my course, available on MSDN .

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