New version of SkyDrive: easy file sharing, HTML5 download, etc.

    Cloud hosting SkyDrive has finally grown to its normal appearance and, at least in terms of functionality, is able to compete with Dropbox and Google Apps. At least in this form it is no longer a shame to recommend it to friends. This morning, developers rolled out a new version of SkyDrive and reported on the work done.

    Firstly, the interface for uploading files to hosting has been completely redone. If earlier it was designed for file sharing between Windows Live users, now there is no discrimination. A couple of clicks of the mouse - and you send a link to any mailing address, you can immediately post to Facebook. Or just get a URL that you can pass on to the recipient (s).

    There were normal contextual menus in photo hosting.

    Many other interface improvements have been made. For example, now you can change the properties (private / public) not only for the whole folder, but also for individual files in it. Indeed, earlier, while working on documents in a “private” folder, you could not just give access to this document to your colleague. You had to first copy the document to another folder.

    Another example - you can now create or rename a folder directly in this window, instantly, simply by clicking on the folder name or pressing the F2 hotkey.

    Now you can bulk upload, download and move files, before it was only one at a time.

    Well and most importantly - downloading files and photos in the browser is now implemented not on the obsolete Silverlight, but through the normal HTML5 File API, which is supported by all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE10. Downloading is in the background and made very convenient. Also appeared support for PDF, RAW and other formats.

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