YouTube has agreed with Walt Disney on the use of films

    YouTube video hosting continues a systematic transformation, trying to get away from the chaotic set of videos of the home video genre, with cats, children and other amenities, to the status of a service that provides truly high-quality content. Now Google is negotiating with many companies, trying to get new high-quality content for YouTube. A lot has been done, really a lot, and the other day, Walt Disney has joined the YouTube partner list.

    Now on YouTube you can watch movies, both regular and animated, the rights to which are owned by Walt Disney. True, at first all content will be available only to Western users, it is not clear when residents of other countries will be able to watch these films and cartoons. Walt Disney will provide both old films and cartoons, as well as new items. Plus, it is planned to post extra content, such as reports from the set and other things. All this will not be available for free, but in an online rental, if I may say so. That is, the usual payment scheme for the right to view any materials will be used. By the way, among other materials available for rent, content from Disney, Disney-Pixar and DreamWorks Studios will also be added.

    It is worth noting that Walt Disney not only provides existing content for YouTube, but also creates new materials specifically for this service. In addition, through collaboration, Walt Disney hopes to increase the popularity of its own sites on the Web. Until now, the company has not been too zealous in developing its services and resources, and now, according to Walt Disney management, the time has come to do it.

    True, this company owns about a third of the assets of Hulu, the second most popular video hosting site in the USA. Collaboration with YouTube will help Walt Disney become even more competitive with other companies producing video content. Well, for users, all this is only a plus, since on the Web you can watch everything that your heart desires. It is a pity, for residents of the CIS countries, the Walt Disney bins on YouTube will not be clear when. But there are other options.

    Via businessweek

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