GlobalsDB programming contest. $ 3,500 in 48 hours. Why not?

    Hello to the respected Habrasociety!
    I want to inform you about a good opportunity to demonstrate your programming muscles and at the same time earn some money with your own intelligence.

    What are you talking about?

    December 3, 2011, at 2 a.m. Moscow time (02.12.11 22:00:00 UTC) the GlobalsDB Challenge starts , it will last 48 hours and will end at exactly 2 a.m. December 5.
    The prize pool for the first place will be $ 3,500. The bonus includes the winner’s PR in InterSystems media resources.

    To participate in the competition, pre-register in the community
    The task will appear on the site at the time of launch.
    This is the second GlobalsDB contest. The first task was to create an application that takes data by API from Flickr, and organizes a search based on the data received. Description of the first competition can be found here .

    About GlobalsDB

    GlobalsDB is a free NoSQL DBMS from InterSystems.
    InterSystems is best known for its industrial commercial products - Caché DBMS , Ensemble integration platform and DeepSee BI solution . The products are based on a well-established technology based on multidimensional sparse arrays built on balanced B-trees.
    GlobalsDB is a fast, easily deployable, flexible NoSQL database based on sparse data arrays.

    How to work with her?

    GlobalsDB exists in versions for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
    Two interfaces are available for working with Globals out of the box: for Java and node.js.
    Distributions and examples of work can be found here .
    Since GlobalsDB is a sparse index data array, using this engine it is possible to implement arbitrary database forms. In particular, any key-value and document-based solutions are implemented, there are examples of implementation of a graph database.


    The competition ended with the victory of the Russian weapons of the programmer - the Hubb effect in action)

    The next series in 2 months.

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