Fintech Digest: banks will report damage from hacker attacks, Western Union refuses to work with cryptocurrencies

    Hi, Habr. In the new digest some interesting news. The first is that the Central Bank of Russia obliged banks to report on July 1 about incidents involving violations of the protection of information when transferring funds, as well as the economic consequences of cyber attacks .

    In particular, the operators will report to the Bank of Russia what sums the attackers made during the reporting period, and what sums they managed to steal. An important indicator will be the amount of stolen funds returned by the operator to its customers.
    - told representatives of the Central Bank.

    According to the Central Bank, the innovation will help to better understand what is happening in the world of cyber threats. And this, in turn, will help develop countermeasures to cyber attackers. In addition, bank data will help assess the quality of risk and capital management systems of financial and banking organizations.

    Another news is not quite Fintekhovskaya, but very revealing. The fact is that recently an eBay user tried to sell all his personal data from his Facebook account at auction.

    Frost offered to buy absolutely all the posts and comments that he left on the social network from the age of 16. Also in the package includes photos, videos, links and everything else. Moreover, he offered the buyer data on who Frost voted for, what was the name of his boss and where his relatives live.

    As one should have supposed, eBay closed the ad, without letting the Briton make money. According to the company, an attempt to sell personal data is a violation of eBay policy.

    Do not forget about cryptocurrency . In particular, Western Union recently announced its refusal to work with cryptocurrencies. The head of the company believes that people prefer to use the usual fiat money, rather than cryptocurrency. He also said that in no way did central banks recognize Bitcoin.

    At the same time , one of the largest US stock exchanges, itBit, announced its intention to add four cryptocurrencies, including broadcast, lightcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar. The site has already managed to receive permission to post from the Department of Financial Services. Exchange users have already received the ability to store altcoins and use the services of over-the-counter trading.

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