Desura: Linux / Windows Game Distribution Platform

    After several months of development , the Desura client for Linux finally came out . Now this game distribution platform works on both Windows and Linux.

    Desura specializes in independent game developers. There are 253 games in the catalog , including 65 under Linux, of which 16 are free. On the occasion of the Linux client, a sale of several toys has been announced , which can now be bought for one or two euros. Among them is the futuristic hacker simulator Hacker Evolution: Untold .

    After installing the client and registering, you get access to dozens of fresh games, free mods and add-ons, and you can also participate in communication with other Linux gamers, give ratings and view general ratings.

    In the near future, the developer of the Desura Linux client promises to lay out the source code for the client program under a free license. It is preliminarily planned to choose the Chrome / Chromium model, that is, to support two versions: one part is open, and the other part with corporate trademarks and others - under a commercial license.

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