Tuenti News - Updates in the Spanish social network

    Earlier, I already wrote about the closed Spanish social network Tuenti.com .
    The time has come for the next post, in which I will tell you about how the resource has changed lately.
    But, for starters, I’ll explain a little detail:
    You can’t save pictures to the computer’s hard drive in the standard way with Twenty. Instead, look for a direct link to the images in the page code.
    I hope that after this recording I will no longer be bothered by "especially gifted people" about this problem.
    First update.
    Now it’s easier to find an interesting video on Twenti.

    If before everything was on a separate page, the link to which was located in the top header of the site (“Videos” or “The main video page of the site”), now the link “My Photo Albums” has appeared next to the link “My Photo Albums ” (My Channels) . By clicking on it, you can see a list of the following categories:
    “My Favorite Videos”,
    “My Shared Videos”,
    “Main video page of the site” (Page Videos),
    “Videos that were ever I watched ”(My Pege Videos)

    and“ The channels you subscribed to ”
    It was:
    It became:
    By the way, here we come to the second update.

    Second update.
    Now you can subscribe to another user’s video channel on Tuenti, and he will appear in the “List of your channels”.
    Here you can see that I subscribed to the channel of Fran Perey.
    In general, Tuenti can now be regarded as a social network that acts as a good interface for YouTube. Of course, this is a joke of mine, but the next update suggests the corresponding thoughts.

    Third update.
    Now, on Tuenti, the "Main video page of the site" has acquired a different look.
    If earlier we could see a huge advertising banner on it and “Top of the best videos on the site”, now an amazingly convenient sorting has appeared, and advertising has ceased to be intrusive:
    Top of the best ” (Home),
    TV Shows ”,
    Sports ”,
    Music ”,
    My Channels ”.
    It was:
    It became:
    This is where the global innovations are over, and I turn to less noticeable updates.

    Fourth update.
    About a month ago, on Tuenti there was a union of records on the wall.
    It was:
    It became:
    I do not know what it is connected with, but it was more convenient to me before. Now it is more like an FB. Standardization ...

    Fifth update.
    Now, they are asking for consent at Tuenti when the user is about to follow an external link.
    And the last ...

    Sixth update.
    Now, a very fast photo downloader has appeared on Tuenti.
    It was:
    It became:
    Really convenient and fast. Verified.

    This is all the news for today. As information accumulates, I will post new reports.

    As usual, invites for the Twenty can be obtained in this VKontakte group.
    Good luck to everyone, and thank you for your attention!

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