HP intends to stay in tablet business

    The HP CEO has announced his company’s intention to remain in the tablet business. At the same time, the company leaves the sphere of production of personal computers; this decision was made a long time ago . Despite the fact that the TouchPad with WebOS has not been successful, HP is still going to continue producing tablet computers. True, it is not yet clear when the subsequent models will be released, nor what operating system will be used. The company will make a decision on this issue within two months.

    According to information provided by the Wall Street Journal, HP will continue licensing practices for WebOS regarding the use of this OS by other manufacturers. But whether HP will produce its own tablets is not yet clear. It may well be that the corporation will only release software for mobile devices, because the management has previously announced its intention to leave the sphere of hardware production and concentrate on creating all kinds of software.

    If the company continues to produce tablets, then it may well be that the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 will also be used as the OS. This OS should appear in a few months. The leadership of HP, apparently, does not lose hope of releasing financially successful tablets, and now the next steps are planned to work in this area.

    The company's plans and all current and future changes are not very well reflected in the share price. After a statement on leaving the PC business made on August 18, the company's shares fell very much in price. Only now they have begun to grow a little. However, the value of one HP stock until August 18 was $ 31. Now the stock price is 26.99 US dollars.

    Via Mashable

    UPD HP will continue to support the production of its PC line, which is good news. Thanks to the authors of the comments for the important information .

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