TeamLab Calendar is our humble contribution to your time management

    For those who read only over the cat, briefly, in essence

    From now and forever, every Teamlab user has the opportunity to keep personal calendars, creating new events in them, tracking their tasks, adjusting the necessary color scheme and type of notification. In addition, each calendar can be shared with other team members and set specific access rights: give full access with the ability to edit or read only. With full access, any user can take part in editing the calendar, adding or deleting events.

    For those who like details

    Given that in Latin the word calendarium meant a debt book, we can say TeamLab fulfills itsmarital duty to users, releasing the promised calendar. It’s clear that in our time you won’t surprise anyone with such tools, but the goal was not to overtake and overtake competitors, but to continue the global venture with turning your TeamLab portal into a full-fledged virtual office, where everything you need is at hand and, judging by the number of requests, the calendar considered a very necessary thing.

    Since we do not supply corporate “tools” separately, but strive to integrate all the tools in one portal, our calendar is also not a standalone panel with 12 months, but a service that is closely related to the rest of TeamLab modules . So, in particular, by default it will display your tasks, milestones of monitored projects (module " Projects”) And general corporate events, for example, the birthdays of employees (the“ Community ” module ).

    Time management, one of the main tools of which is the calendar, of course, is not limited to corporate life, and in one day you sometimes have to redo a bunch of things not only work, but also personal, family, or maybe even public. To avoid confusion about where you are, calendars are divided into two main categories: “My Calendars” for calendars that you create yourself and “Other Calendars” for events and calendars shared by other portal users. . Moreover, traditionally for this type of service, different types of events are displayed in different colors for greater clarity. If you don’t want the personal view to interfere in the viewing field at the time of tracking cases for the project, for example, click on the “eye” to the right of the event and voila, you can see only what you need.

    For those who like to compare

    One of the most popular collaborative calendars today is, of course, Google Calendar. We cannot yet boast that we directly have all its capabilities and advantages, for example, notifications have yet to be substantially modified, making them more informative. But at the same time, there are some nice details that we can be proud of in terms of usability. In contrast to the G calendar, you can create an event with all the necessary information, including a comment, with one click, or, as one of our developers says, just “click on the calendar”. A trifle, but nice!

    For those who ask about CRM, regardless of the topics of the posts :)

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