New design, API and Android application


    This version has many new features and capabilities, and most importantly, an API for developers.

    New design

    The previous design was not bad, but not logical in all parts and places, many important functions were removed in the secondary menu, and additional ones, on the contrary, were striking. In the new version, everything has become more logical, as it seems to me, all the main sections have been moved to the top menu, site management has become easier, despite the increase in functionality. A service has been added for offers created by people near you, and many other functions. Now the whole site is an HTML5 + JS application that works on one page (with the exception of redirects during authorization). This simultaneously makes the use of the project faster and more convenient, but also limits the number of browsers that can adequately work with the project.


    In the current version, IE support is not complete (for objective reasons).

    Mobile version and application

    Along with the new version of the site, we launched a mobile version of the project, optimized for working on iOS and Android devices.

    The mobile version is also one single page that loads content from the API as needed. The mobile version recognizes devices automatically, although there are a number of problems with this in connection with the “distortions” of device manufacturers. For example, HTC Sensation indicates the following information in USER_AGENT: By conventional methods, such a phone is defined as something on MAC OS X 10.6.3. I would be grateful to those who write in the comments what other android devices like to present themselves like that, and what they write in USER_AGENT. For all Android devices (and for those on MAC OS X) the application is available in the market :


    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_3; HTC_Sensation_Z710e; ru-bg) AppleWebKit/533.16 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0 Safari/533.16


    The iOS version is being moderated in the AppStore.

    More people around


    There are now really a lot of them, we publish not only our own information about the people around us, but also collect data from popular geolocation and very non-network.

    Going to you will almost always see people around, wherever you are, in the center of Moscow or in Singapore.

    You can see them on the map, in the list of people on the left, their messages and marks in the event stream.

    By the way, practically all the milestones of users in the system have sex, even if we removed information about them from services that themselves do not know the gender of their visitors. This makes sorting by sex quite interesting, you can easily see the girls around.



    Finally, we launched the API for third-party developers, it is available at .

    At the moment, through the API you can receive - people, places and offers around, messages and stream marks, information about users and places, send messages to the stream.

    To work with the API, you will need to get api_id and api_key, to receive them, write to me at, in the letter you need to indicate:
    1. The name of the application (or test name);
    2. Your contact e-mail (to inform about important changes in the API);
    3. A link to a redirect where to send the user after confirming the rights to the application. This is not a prerequisite, as For mobile applications, the reverse redirect is not relevant.

    In the future, this procedure will become automatic when the developer's office is completed.

    Just yesterday API documentation appeared in English , we did it for our partners, but it is available to everyone.

    There is still an API for mass actions in the system, but it is closed and issued only to partners with an existing user base and is designed to integrate user bases (for example, so that users of our system can send personal messages to an external system and receive answers). If you are interested - write to the mail.

    In the near future Inmile will be integrated with several very popular projects, and our partners will launch advertising campaigns in several countries of the world (if you want to develop a project in a country, we are ready to discuss conditions with you, write to .

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