Microsoft will try to negotiate with Yahoo again

    This is a possible acquisition of Yahoo by Microsoft. They started talking about the possibility of a repeat of the software giant’s attempt to buy Yahoo in mid-September. Since then, rumors have been multiplying, and the other day the Reuters news agency confirmed this information by talking to sources close to the leadership of both companies.

    So far, Microsoft itself has opponents of a deal with Yahoo, but there are fewer of them than supporters. But in the queue for such a tidbit like Yahoo, there are already companies such as DST Global, as well as Providence Equity Partners, Hellman & Friedman, Silver Lake Partners and Alibaba (Yahoo, by the way, has a stake in Alibaba).

    It may well be that Microsoft will merge with someone, and try to arrange a joint transaction. Who exactly can be a Microsoft partner has not yet been announced. By the way, despite the fact that Yahoo is not having the best of times, some of the company's resources are extremely popular among US Web users. For example, the mail service of this company still has the most users in the United States. The total number of users of various services of the company reaches 500 million people.

    After the rumors about Microsoft's interest in Yahoo were confirmed, the shares of the latter very quickly rose in price. In one day they went up by 10.1% at once, and this, against the backdrop of news about the "second wave of the crisis," is just fine. Yes, and in normal times, such a rapid rise in the price of company shares is not so common. In addition, Microsoft’s shares also rose in price by about 2%, which is also not bad. If the companies really unite, then the share of this association in the search engine market will be about 30% in the United States.

    It is clear that no official confirmation has yet been received from Yahoo or Microsoft, but probably such confirmation is not far off.

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