Freelancer's Way. The road to success or gaining customer confidence

The legs are fed the wolf, and the freelancer is the customer. So these customers do not fall from the sky, but adequate customers who are willing to pay an adequate price and not spit saliva even less. In this article I want to collect all my observations, which allowed me to fill up a good base of clients who are sometimes ready to wait for me for 1.5-2 months. I will also talk about the mistakes that have occurred to me during my work as a freelancer.

This post is valid for web developers, but for other freelance niches it will be partially valid.

The first communication with the customer

Here you receive a letter in the mail or message in ICQ / Skype / etc. from a person who is interested in your services and wants you to write a site. The most important thing is not to think about money! First you need to think about work, and perceive money as a reward for the work done. The customer should feel that you are working for the result, and not just for the money.

At the first communication with the customer, you need to take control of the whole situation and not wait for steps from the customer, but do everything ahead of the curve so that the customer sees the initiative that comes from you. Never wait until the customer says something to you, ask him yourself! Find out in detail from the customer what he wants to see on the site, which is the main thing.

Never demand TK. Not every customer knows how to write TK, and many do not even fully know what they want to see on the site. Draw up a statement of work with the customer, this will not only allow you to better understand the essence of the project, but will also help to establish good relations with the customer.

Negotiate terms with the customer. Never promise more than you can do, it’s better to abandon the project than to break deadlines and let the customer down, undermining your credibility.

You have stipulated everything, you have a clear picture of what should be implemented, you understand the idea of ​​the site and start writing the site.

We are working ...

From the moment we started writing the site and until the project is completed, we must not forget that the customer is also a person and he is interested in how the work is going. Therefore, do not forget to unsubscribe to the customer at least once every 2-3 days and notify him of the work done.

It’s very good to take parts of the project online and not just write what was done, but also show a demo. At this step, you can discuss with the customer very small details that may have been missed in the preparation of the statement of work. Such a move will not only save you time and nerves, but will also lift you in the eyes of the customer. Remember, at every step you need to consult with the customer, this will allow you to bypass various misunderstandings, as well as allow the customer to save money, and you do not have to delete your code and write again.

Never disappear in the process of work, this can greatly undermine your credibility in the eyes of the customer, because there is nothing worse than not having confidence in the performer. Understand that in order to achieve a result, you need to work with the customer in tandem.

All is ready

When everything is ready, and you are ready to show the work done to the customer, do not forget to test your work for various kinds of errors, both spelling and incorrect site operation. After all, there is nothing worse than giving up a low-quality product. Do not be too lazy to check everything.

Also, do not forget to provide the site for tests to the customer himself, even if he also takes part in testing, this will help to avoid dissatisfaction on the part of the customer when he starts to find errors on a launched project.

Happy end

As a result, you get your money, and the customer your order.

Do not forget to remind the customer that if suddenly there are any errors, then you will fix everything completely free. There are modest customers who think that he will have to pay for fixing your jambs.
Also do not forget to thank the customer for a pleasant time.

Dark side

Above, I described how I have been working with customers recently. Everything is very beautiful, simple and without problems, but this is not always the case. There are very arrogant customers who think that if they pay you money, then you must do absolutely everything to them. I immediately say goodbye to such customers, there will be nothing good from them. Remember, if the customer does not want to waste time on his order, then he doesn’t really need it, and this threatens with many unpleasant moments in work.


Following such a scheme in my work, for a long time I have only had positive emotions from cooperation. After each completed order, I leave myself a few days to rest and adjust possible errors that I could make and not detect during testing. My customers are ready to wait for me because they are comfortable working with me. They are confident in the quality of the work, and also that I will not disappear anywhere and I will correct all my mistakes, if any. They can count on me, they are even ready to overpay, if only I would take on their project, such trust from the customer is the best that can be, because a good old customer is better than two new ones.

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