Organization of the flow of cheap labor

    For collecting a rake hired weekdays Raisa Russia

    image until recently watched what was happening in the beauty salon where my wife 3 years she worked as an assistant master barber, but the master still can somehow did not become, despite the fact that it has become go get a haircut (for 700r.) customers who paid for a haircut more than 5000-10000r. After futile attempts to transfer to another similar salon, she came across the same rake. When we began to compare the facts, I realized what scheme these offices use to get free hands. Through simple calculations, we understood where to go to work, and everything worked out.

    Based on personal observations, I made my own conclusion about the work of this uncomplicated scheme, according to which even serious companies simply blatantly exploit naive and gullible girls and boys, feeding them porridge of bright prospects.

    Everything is just beginning and is unlikely to ever end :)

    Any young specialist with a lot of ambition and high views wants to immediately get a prestigious company in a good position. Huh? A representative of a subsidiary or a clever personnel psychologist at the central office will quickly fill up such a character and make him sit in front of the monitor without interruptions for 8-9 hours a day, sweep all day or travel around the city offering services. In a word, they will definitely say to him that “of course, you will become a master, but first you must pass a trial period!” ("Wow! Come on, bl ... b ???" Sorry - pulled out)
    An aunt or uncle with a smart look in a beautiful suit begins to tell our character how the promotion and blah blah blah happen. Our hero has no practice, and therefore, he needs to be pulled up at special courses that are available only in this company. In short, our hero is thus suppressed by his self-esteem, so that in the future it will be easier for them to manipulate and blur their eyes, if only he honestly plowed at the office and sincerely believed piously ...

    Organization scheme for free work traffic

    So let's look at the diagram. Everything is extremely simple: a smart and cunning employer, who knows how to calculate profits very well, hires young and naive talents for “prospective” work, of which there are a dime a dozen for this position - yeah. If you take, for example, my wife, then the salon from which she successfully dumped, and it is even more profitable to keep beautiful young girls with sweeps so that they would turn in front of clients and bring tea, coffee and dance. I exaggerate: the fact is that the assistant to the master must also do the dirty work, and since there is much more such work in the ratio, then the “sweeper” comes out as a constant. A tremendous man or aunt with the same dimensions will not take away his hair - not impressively, and he himself has already done this. A young and naive talent goes to courses, passes exams, but all is something wrong ... "Yes, there will be too many mistakes, it won’t work, wait another six months!” And so, year after year, the salon has a very respectable appearance (especially from the street you can see through the huge glass, watch who walks past the premium and luxury classes), spending much less money than containing, for example, 3-4 masters of 70-100 thousand rubles of salary + interest. It is much cheaper to transport young talented salons from all salons to penny courses in their structure so that those

    How it all ends

    If you are a cunning and competent comrade, and take everything from life, you will rise, learn, but the further chances of getting a high position are almost zero, since the goals of the office are completely different. Well, either just dump or don’t work with such an office. And nobody wants to keep competitors - they won’t let you in, I’m talking about those who have been sitting in their homes for a long time. Similar things are likely to happen in the design industry (no matter which segment). Swearing and quarrels with a crook in the process and at the end (and God forbid you concluded a clumsy agreement or did not conclude it at all) are completely normal things when you start to resist and demand, falling under such a scheme. You are not the first - not you are the last. Your place will quickly be taken by the same ambitious one you were until recently.
    A big city, a huge number of people who want to succeed, so the traffic of such characters is provided - not you, so different.
    With such a flow and organization of labor, such young talents are a little hack-takers with a very cheap, but high-quality and fresh directed charge. While the charge is fresh, full of energy and looking to a brighter future, the owner of this charge, absorbing the rainbow gruel, spends his precious time, exchanging it for slurred courses and cheap penny. Poyuzali, fueled by cheap and low-quality current, and thrown out later.

    Intelligent mind

    It is clear that somehow you need to identify a similar scheme. So, it’s not so difficult - just ask the question: “Could you show me live examples that in a certain time (for example, 1 year) became masters, first working as an assistant not on a recommendation (or damn acquaintance )?” . If you begin to bustle, give slurred answers, offer to read the site and other nonsense, you can safely turn around and leave. Kep is already hinting that this is the custom in our country: a freebie, cheap streaming young work, basically a very mediocre attitude to young staff, a delay in salaries, zero business ethics, and so on, so you need to go down to earth and ...
    In other words, you need to be more diplomatic when applying for a job. After all, all these principles are, of course, investments in oneself, and they must then be justified. Otherwise, you will be indebted to yourself, this is wrong. Therefore, you just need to count, communicating with a sane employer, and not another freeloader, to sketch out a plan of action, and back up all the allegations of a staff specialist or representative with concrete evidence.

    By the way, something interesting came up about courses with education, which will be discussed in the next issues. I remember about other posts. All will be. Everything quickly matured very quickly, so I decided to lay it out.
    Before communication.

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