HP will keep the webOS business in two divisions

    A foggy situation regarding the future of Hewlett-Packard’s WebOS mobile operating system is fostering rumors: reputable agencies have prophesied the sale of WebOS or licensing it to a number of companies, ranging from South Korean Samsung to Facebook and HTC. Yesterday, the head of Samsung denied rumors about plans to buy WebOS for his company, reasonably noting that they have enough operating systems - Android, Windows Phone 7 and its own Bada platform.

    Today a new insinuation has arisen. The site Precental.net published a post stating that they had Hewlett-Packard internal documents at their disposal, from which it follows that the WebOS division is planned to be divided into two - the “software”, which will become part of the Office of Strategy and Technology and "Iron", which is planned to be part of the Personal Systems Group, which runs the PC business of Hewlett-Packard.

    It is curious that another consequence of the Hewlett-Packard document is that the company will continue to develop WebOS on its own, however, the issue of licensing it to other companies will be resolved positively if the latter wish to do so.

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