Visa Stolen Money Return Insurance Case


    This story began in the month of June, when one morning I began to receive sms on my phone to write off $ 30 per card. This morning began on Saturday, when I did not immediately understand what was happening after a hard working Friday. The second SMS came in 15 minutes, after looking at it, I again saw a charge of $ 30. Immediately, my brain began to wake up and I began to realize that somewhere my money was leaving the card, in SMS there was a description of the payment of a certain site that I saw for the first time. It was clear from the domain name that this was some kind of billing.

    First of all, I decided to call the bank to find out what is happening with my card. After providing all the data, the operator immediately reported that fraudulent actions are taking place on your card and it needs to be urgently blocked, but before that I have to withdraw all the money, which was more than $ 1000, from an ATM. After the words "fraudulent actions", I immediately began to get dressed and drove to the nearest ATM. While I was driving, another text message came to me, totaling $ 90 has already been written off. Upon arrival, I immediately withdrawed cash and started calling the bank operator. The card was successfully blocked. To my questions, how can I get my money back, instructions were given. Come to the nearest bank branch and write a statement to challenge transactions. After the conversation with the operator, the next new message was on the display, while I was talking, $ 30 was written off again. And after 5 minutes another SMS arrived, an attempt to write off another 30 dollars was rejected by the bank. Total was already 120 dollars, and this is almost 3,500 rubles.

    Following the instructions

    I followed the instructions of the bank operator. I arrived at the nearest office, took a listing of transactions, wrote a statement to challenge the transactions. The girl immediately warned that today is Saturday, the department dealing with your application will work only from Monday. She also added that usually these issues are resolved by Visa itself and if it is proved that these were fraudulent actions, then money will be returned to you after 60 calendar days. If it is decided that you yourself spent them, then the refusal will come within a month. I still had no options, but it was interesting what would come out in the end.
    The first month passed by, but to my happiness no one called. I was glad that apparently my question will still be resolved in my favor. Over time, I just forgot about it, was loaded with work chores. A few days ago I receive an SMS in which it says about crediting funds to a blocked card. The next day I go to the Internet bank and see the amount of 1231 rubles on the account. I understand that this is not the right amount and no one called me again. I start calling myself, another bureaucracy, dozens of redirects, I explain the situation to everyone in a new way. After an hour, I finally go out to the right person who says that your question was resolved in July, the money is transferred to your account and you need to get a new card to which funds will be transferred with the blocked. I'm trying to find out why the amount is 1231, when 3500 rubles were stolen.
    And here is the result of the whole undertaking: The insurance company does not compensate 100% of the loss of the client!
    I understand that this issue cannot be resolved in Russia, I say thank you to the girl for the information and put the phone down.


    At this time I myself scroll the picture in my head. For the last 2 months I have been concluding an agreement with RURU to work with him as a payment aggregator. I got 70mb of scanned documents, that's all. Charters, tin, ogrn and a bunch of company documents. That is, in order to receive the services of an acquirer bank, I must almost give my soul to them. Why then is billing debiting my money so easily continues to work further. American business? Banking system rollbacks?
    I am very glad that not $ 1000 was stolen from me, otherwise I’m afraid I would be reimbursed 100-150 bucks from them and everyone would come out of the water.


    The moral of the story is this: do not store money on cards, do not pay them on the Internet, there are special virtual cards for this! There is no law and justice not only in Russia, but also in other countries. Unfortunately, the result is sad.

    PS: I have no right to say anything or blame someone, but having been in this situation I got just that impression. And I'm really glad that I reacted on time and the amount of my losses did not become too large.

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