BuildMyPinnedSite - online pinned site builder

    Today, the BuildMyPinnedSite website has opened in Russian , which easily and online allows you to make your website fixed in 7 steps.

    After that, users of Windows 7 can pin your site to the taskbar, call it a context menu, a preview window and optional buttons. Thus, the site becomes essentially a full-fledged application of the operating system.

    This feature increases user convenience, increases their loyalty - and, as a result, attendance can grow up to 200% according to current statistics.

    Let me remind you that this opportunity is used by the largest international and Russian sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Hulu, Groupon, Yandex, Mail.Ru ( post), Classmates, IVI and others.

    You can publish your site in the IE Gallery , accessible to all users of Internet Explorer 9.

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