Android App Inventor will be given to Open Source

    As you know, Google Labs projects are being partially eliminated : many are being transferred under a different roof, some are being shut down. Unfortunately, a sad fate befell yet another project from the "laboratory": Google decided to abandon the further development of the Android application builder App Inventor . “We are exploring ways to support the use of App Inventor as an open platform for educational purposes,” the Google Labs blog said.

    The App Inventor website will run until the end of the year, but the current URL ( will change within 90 days.

    The App Inventor constructor allows you to create a simple Android application in just a few minutes, and any housewife without programming experience can do it. Choose the necessary buttons, pictures and other components from the menu - drag the blocks onto the screen and describe the properties in a convenient and intuitive interface.

    Interface App Inventor

    App Inventor supports the advanced functions of Android APIs, up to the removal of information from motion sensors and speech recognition.

    After launching in 2010, this designer unexpectedly for its creators gained popularity among a wide variety of people: teachers and students, parents and children, amateur programmers and beginners in programming.

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