How to motivate yourself when your enthusiasm is over

Original author: Ali Luke
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I read one of the questions in the q & a section and decided to translate the article on this topic. Who knows, maybe these tips will help a person

. Have you ever been overwhelmed with enthusiasm and inspiration for new achievements?

Suppose you felt this at the beginning of a big deal. For example, you have decided that you want to finally lose weight, or this year you decided to open a small business that you dreamed about.

Motivation can give you a lot of energy when you embark on something new. But the problem is that it tends to end. After several weeks of dieting or hard work on your business, it is very easy to feel downcast.

Do not give up

You have already achieved a lot - even if you do not see it yet. Try asking yourself three questions. If possible, write down your answers - this is much more effective than just thinking about it.

How far have you gone?

Take a look at the path traveled. What did you manage to achieve? Maybe:
  • Lose weight : you lost 4 kilograms and acquired healthy habits
  • Starting a business : You wrote a business plan and read 3 books
  • Debt repayment : you paid part of the debt

Whatever you achieve is more than nothing. It may have taken longer than you expected - but in the context of a lifetime, a few weeks is not such a long period.

Have you learned anything during this time?

Sometimes, you concentrate on the ultimate goal and forget that the process itself is also important. Even if you have not yet achieved the result you want, you can still find many advantages:
  • Losing weight : you learned a lot about healthy foods, it helps you make the right choice of food
  • Starting a business : you realized that your original idea for a business was a bit short-sighted, and you have the opportunity to return with a new plan
  • Debt repayment : you found that you spend much more than you thought on coffee and lunch

What will you achieve even if you do not achieve the goal?

You may be afraid that you will never reach your ultimate goal. But there are many reasons to continue. For instance:
  • Weight Loss : You can not lose weight to the desired 90 kilograms, but even if you have lost weight to 100, it is still much better for health than your initial 120 kilograms
  • Starting a business : Your business may not provide a good permanent income, but it will still bring additional earnings
  • Debt repayment : you may not pay all debts at once, but you have already improved your financial situation

Reboot yourself

I hope you already feel better and decided to continue. Then answer yourself three more questions.

Where did you stall?

It often turns out that we encounter difficulties and stop. It will be helpful to realize where you gave the swing before continuing. Maybe:
  • Weight loss : you lost 4 kilograms in the first three months of your diet, but now it’s become difficult for you to eat healthy foods
  • Starting a business : you are ready to get customers, but do not know how to start
  • Debt repayment : you were shopping and spent money to repay a debt

What are your next steps?

Often you stop because you do not understand what your next steps will be. Try the following:
  • Weight Loss : Keep a diary, note what time you can eat junk food
  • Starting a business : Brainstorm to find ways to get customers - for example, advertising in magazines, creating a website, etc.
  • Debt repayment : Cut back on your spending for the next few weeks, avoid exorbitant spending in the future (maybe take cash only to the store)

Who can help you achieve your goal?

You may feel that you certainly need to achieve the goal alone - but this is not always the case. There is nothing wrong with letting other people help you.
  • Lose weight : find a personal trainer who will help you to be motivated, or ask a friend to go jogging with you
  • Starting a Business : Hire Professionals to Create a Professional Website for You
  • Paying debts : talk to someone who handles money correctly and ask for his advice.

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