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    Task managers dofiga. Convenient - much less.
    This is where Remember The Milk’s popularity stands - ease of use and the notorious elusive usability.
    RTM, when I saw it for the first time, I liked it with my mobile client and simplicity so much that I, looking around, paid a pro-account for a couple of years and lived without knowing grief.

    But a couple of days ago, wandering the expanses of the Internet and pochityvaya Habr, I came across a service that in all respects outperforms the RTM, namely - .

    Under the cut, a small review of the service in pictures: web, pc, mobile.

    Unlike RTM, the guys decided to give the user a bit more features, namely: projects and group tasks. In addition, instead of location, they introduced a concept such as context, which is slightly wider.
    Although, not a thousand words are enough, so I suggest a look.

    Web and Desktop

    The full version on the web exists in two versions - classic and beta.
    The classic one looks like this: The

    new one has become much better and cleaner:

    Tasks can be added in the same way as we are used to in RTM:

    Or in a separate window:

    Among other things, there is a mini version of the site - this is my main tool, it’s very convenient:

    In order to Add and view tasks offline. There are clients for Windows and Linux (!). There is no client for mac, but they plan to do it.

    Mobile client

    And, in conclusion, I propose to admire the mobile client . It very much resembles the RTM mobile client, though with huge muscles and good widgets, and, unlike it, is absolutely free.

    This is how the first screen looks:

    Adding a task is very similar to RTM:

    There is also a today list

    widget : And a calendar widget (a specific day opens on tap):


    For me personally, this service has completely replaced RTM. I switched to it from today. The main advantages for me are: mobile client, mini version of the site and general tasks. Also, sync with google calendar out of the box can not but rejoice.
    Link to the site .
    Link to the version in the Android Market .
    For iPhone
    And the link for iPad
    That's all :) I hope this article was useful to you.

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