OS X Lion Up-to-Date Program or Free Lion

    OS X Lion Up-to-Date Program

    Perhaps many people know about the Up-to-Date program , but most likely, not all. Therefore, this topic can be of practical value in the form of a saved $ 29.
    So, according to the rules of the OS X Lion Up-to-Date Program , if your Mac was purchased between June 6 and July 20, you can request a copy of OS X Lion for free until August 19.
    If the computer was purchased after July 21 (inclusive) and OS X Lion is not preinstalled on it, then a request for a free update can be sent within 30 days.
    The action is valid in Russia. To obtain a code that entitles you to a free update, you must follow the link where you specify the serial numbers of computers with attached purchase documents.

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