Best practices & foreign customers

    Naturally, everyone heard about the so-called "best practices". Now it is fashionable. Only for some reason this expression is mentioned only in conjunction with some high-profile foreign brand. It seems that only they have the best practices. Despite this, it is now safe to say that our companies also form the best practices in their respective fields.

    It is clear that we will not give you a recipe for instant success. At the same time, we consider the exchange of experience to be important. Many will agree that in the work of any organization you can always find those moments that could be shared or borrowed. We do not exclude the possibility that we’ll hardly succeed in “discovering America”. However, we consider it necessary to enter into dialogue with readers and exchange views on the topic.

    The fact that the Ukrainian company managed to persuade foreigners to sign contracts already indicates the presence of certain developments. Indeed, unlike the southeastern outsourcing, the Ukrainian engineer does not differ in cheapness. You can’t take one personnel qualification level here, if only because you have to take into account intercultural differences, and indeed have decent flexibility. There are many customers, and everyone has their own interest. And everyone needs to comply. What is the intrigue here? In our opinion, in such a simple formula:

    Personnel + Knowledge + Process Quality + Security = Attracting and retaining a client.

    For example. It goes without saying that recruiting only qualified engineers is not enough. They need a strong team of managers to load, because competence is not enough to have - it also needs to be sold. At the same time, the manager who heads the strategic direction is obliged to be in the know not only well, but very well. And we believe that this cannot be achieved in any way without having worked in a specific environment for sufficient time. That's why, on average, the backbone of our company’s management has been working with us for at least five years. Staff stability is one of the factors that can debug business processes like clockwork. It should also be noted that nuance that the career of most managers developed precisely in our organization. Is it worth it to constantly “look for talents” on the side if you can develop a professional right within the company?

    The same goes for technicians. Stability of teams in itself means a lot, and on long-term projects this is almost a third of success. Surely many of you had experience working in companies, sort of not bad ones, but they are peculiar to issues of loyalty. As if it should be by default, as the duty of the employee. For which they paid with the staff turnover, which we try to avoid to the maximum. At the same time, a different effect is observed - the return of employees who for some reason left the company. Determining the right domestic policy is very important. We believe this can be attributed to best practices. As well, the managers have an up-to-date list of competencies available at the moment that will not go anywhere tomorrow or a month later. That's what helps ensure flexibility,

    They say that things like ITIL and ISO 9001: 2008 help manage the business. What can we say - they really help. The description, as well as examples of the use of these things have been repeatedly mentioned in many articles and diagrams. And such a formalization also helps. This, you know, when any process is detailed in steps on a certain document - a process model as one example. And it seems that everyone has it, but not everyone uses it. In a word, use. Also useful.

    Or for example, such an aspect as information security. It would seem why it is necessary. But it so happened that the client feels much calmer when she is - than when the other way around. They say in particular that Ukraine in the ranking of corruption, if not in third place, then somewhere nearby. They lie of course. But the customer is still easier when clear and understandable IS security schemes are implemented. Then you will even be allowed to open RDP to the customer, and this is the key to great and strong love.

    Roughly speaking, one could not write all this. And just draw such a plate with a list of factors that, in our opinion, will help you attract and retain foreign customers:
    • Organization of stable work thanks to a strong team of managers
    • Providing a wide range of knowledge within the company
    • Quality Management System Implementation
    • Formalization and documentation of processes
    • Using advanced IT security solutions

    Everything is still visible and understandable on it. And finally, I would like to wish all IT companies to develop, achieve success in attracting and cooperating with foreign customers. In the end, all of us, IT professionals always want to work with interesting projects and gain invaluable experience working with colleagues from other countries.

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