An attempt to change the monetization model of cinema - the film "A Lonely Place For Dying"

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The VODO network recently presented the film “A Lonely Place For Dying” to the general public, where James Cromwell acted as executive producer . James decided to abandon the standard "Hollywood" distribution model through theaters, and then on DVD and use BitTorrent technology as the main distribution channel.

Today it’s hard to imagine that the creator of the film would prefer to distribute his film for free on torrents. VODO Network has presented dozens of independent films over the past year.

The idea of ​​the creators is to use the community of torrent users to raise funds for the following parts of the film (so far only the first part has been released) and subsequently show the film in theaters. Voluntary donations are collected through the VODO network and transferred to the creators of the film, and, having made a solid donation, you can get into the credits.

The VODO network collaborates with large sites and torrent clients such as Pirate Bay, isoHunt, uTorrent and FrostWire, this allows you to provide the released films with a large number of views.

While many independent films cannot tell audiences in movie theaters, on DVD, or through online viewing services such as iTunes and NetFlix, VODO's distribution scheme can help movie makers believe in themselves. All that remains is to receive a positive response from the audience.

The first part of the film “Lonely Place For Dying” can be downloaded here .

PS If someone knows the link to the Russian translation or subtitles - give in the comments, I will supplement the topic.

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