Tightrope walker

    Maybe you remember the robot cyclist that appeared about a year ago? The circus continues! The creator of this robot, the Japanese Masahiko Yamaguchi (Masahiko Yamaguchi, also known under the pseudonym Dr. Guero) presented his new creation: the rope-walker robot.

    A two-legged robot with a height of several tens of centimeters walks quite confidently along a stretched cable with a diameter of 4 mm, maintaining balance with the help of hands and shifting the center of gravity. The sensor is a gyroscope, the signal from which through the PID control loop is fed to servos. The author admitted that during movement he helps the robot, correcting his position with the help of radio control and adjusting the coefficients of the control circuit. However, the robot is able to maintain balance and is completely autonomous.

    Special slots are made on the feet of the robot so that the legs do not slide off the cable. Another “cheating” is that the robot does not go in the usual way for a person (rearranging his legs), but glides with an added step. But even with this in mind, you must admit that the robot tightrope walker looks very impressive.


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