Ruby Tasks Repository

    Recently started to learn Ruby. Despite the large number of tutorials and manuals, the lack of official documentation somewhat slows down the learning process. ( Official documentation still exists - thanks to Kane ). Nevertheless, the idea does not lose value from this.

    To better learn the syntax of the language, many are advised to solve problems from sports programming. This allows you to fill your hand as soon as possible.
    There was an excellent site with ejudge - with a Ruby interpreter. But when solving problems (especially in an unfamiliar language), there is always a feeling that maybe it could be done somehow differently - easier, faster, more convenient.

    I propose the following - to unite and collect solutions in one place. This will allow beginners to acquire useful skills, and more experienced rubists to practice and share experience.

    On, I created a repository where task solutions will be stored. I also came across git for the first time, so all comments, criticisms, suggestions on how this can do better are very welcome.

    As I imagine it. A man finds a problem, and tries to solve it. If he solves it and finds his solution interesting, he uploads it to github. If he cannot decide, then he tries again. Then more and more. When he is completely desperate, he goes to the repository in search of an existing solution. Then enlightenment falls on him and he goes to a new level.

    In my opinion, it will be convenient and useful for everyone. The main thing is that there are those who want to do this.

    UPD: repository changed to group. Everyone can become a member of the group - just leave an email.
    UPD2: The Habrarubi Organization was created. If you want to immediately commit decisions without pull requests, then leave your email and you will be added. The more people, the better.

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