15th issue of the programmer magazine

    Habra Hi!
    Now, finally, summer has come - many are slowly moving around the seas, and we continue to work!
    Introducing the new, 15th issue of the PROGRAMMIST magazine . Probably many of you once read the popular magazine Young Technician (UT), for example, I have a whole collection, so we could not help interviewing Alexander Anatolyevich Fin - general Director and chief editor of the magazine "Young Technician". And starting from this issue, we have increased the volume of the journal and the number of headings, in particular, headings appeared highlighting the problems of robotics and AI, the contents of the current issue:

    • School of programming: how and why to write good code
    • Use of the Russian language in programming
    • 3D technology. We master at home
    • Creating a self-extracting ZIP archive
    • Vacuum cleaner or ... the secret life of SetParent ()
    • Modeling the process of emotional education of robots
    • Why is there no artificial intelligence?

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    By the way, I’ll share a secret: the next issue is anniversary (16th :), therefore a small contest with small but useful prizes awaits you :)

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