Evernote Overcomes 10 Million Users

    Do you know what I like? When a new digit is added to any number. 100,000 miles, $ 1,000,000, 10:00. So you hear a click with which a new digit 1 appears on the left, and all the others are reset to zero. Amazing sensations ... We just heard such a click in Evernote: 10 million users registered in the service!

    Here are some statistics that show how we have progressed over the past five months:

    Interestingly, most users use Evernote on multiple platforms. 75% of users work with two or more platforms, and there are users who use up to ten platforms in working with the service. This is convenient because Evernote has both a web interface and software clients for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and HP WebOS. In addition, clients for a number of other platforms are under development.

    Ten million seemed an unthinkable number when we were preparing to launch the service in open beta mode less than three years ago. Well, that is, it was not literally unthinkable: we designated this stage in a business plan, presentations for investors, etc. Yes, we told people that we would get 10,000,000 users in three years, we had beautiful charts with forecasts. But the reality was much more impressive than the predictions.

    So, of course, I am really excited about the height taken and want to thank everyone who was involved in this. Many thanks to our partners and investors for the trust you have shown us over the years. Many thanks to our staff, the best team I have ever been a part of.You have made a product that is used by 10 million people. How do you feel ? And most importantly, I am very grateful to all our users, everyone who tried Evernote, and everyone who stayed with it. We will continue to work every day so that Evernote can exceed your expectations.

    About four months ago, we announced inside the company that if we reach the value of 10 million users before June 24, the third birthday for our service, then every Evernote employee will get a brand new iPad 2. And this morning, this many iPads were unpacked from us in the office.

    We also have some ideas on how to celebrate this holiday with our users. Follow our news and we will tell you all the details.

    I look forward to 100 million.

    Phil Libin,
    CEO of Evernote

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