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    Often I read news in the subway. Headlines from their RSS feed are not enough, and reading full articles in a browser is not entirely convenient. A worthy client was found in the Android Market, but I wanted to write a simpler and more convenient navigation application. Perhaps it will be interesting to someone in the community.


    The main screen of the application collects news from the RSS feed of the publication and shows the 40 latest articles. Articles are cached in full (including the text of the article from the site), so it will be enough to update once and read the news in the subway. After downloading all the articles, the client downloads small thumbnails that give an idea of ​​the contents of a particular article. Unlike texts, pictures for articles are uploaded as the user accesses them. If you are not interested in any article, you simply will not open it and save traffic on downloading pictures.

    New and read articles are highlighted for clarity. It is possible to adjust the font size for readability. You can also share any article with your friends.

    To reduce traffic costs, in the settings you can disable the download of thumbnails and / or pictures. If you need to free up some space on the SD card, you can clear the cache (thumbnails and pictures) directly from the application.

    The program is free and available on the Android Market. Summarizing, we can note the following features:
    • simple and intuitive user interface;
    • fast loading of articles;
    • full-text articles with pictures;
    • adjustable font size;
    • the ability to share news with friends;
    • settings: enable / disable image upload;
    • settings: clear the cache.

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